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It's all in the name.

In Greek mythology, Arete (ἀρετή) symbolizes 'excellence of any kind, moral virtue, and striving to live up to one's potential and purpose.'

We coach coaches to help seed, grow, and nurture their business, so they can do the same for others.

Our Why

Arete Coach™ was founded in 2020 for executive coaches, by executive coaches, to celebrate and explore excellence in the art and science of executive coaching.


Our Values

  • Arete Mindset: excellence, moral virtue; striving to live up to ones potential

  • Relational: collaborative, engaging, interactive, synergistic, and caring

  • Entrepreneurial: agile, adaptive, creative, resourceful, and enterprising

  • Transparent: open, honest, balancing radical candor and human empathy

  • Evergreen: lifetime learning, curiosity, growth, and continual improvement

Our Future

From simple beginnings with a weekly Arete Coach Podcast, we will start by exploring the art and science of coaching today. We intend to grow Arete Coach into a larger platform that supports and accelerates the future of executive coaching. On our roadmap, we will explore technology and its applications to coaching, conduct scholarly research, host coaches in residence, and organize coach peer review boards to ask the hard question: is a best practice, best practice? Coach development forums, learning roundtables, industry-specific discussion groups, joint-coaching conferences, technology tool yards, and curated online training, are some of the many things to come.



If this is a journey you would like to take, please join us. There is plenty of room under our tent, as we are organization and coaching school agnostic. What unifies us is our desire for excellence; something the ancients called Arete.

As a member, you will receive exclusive access to all content published weekly by Arete Coach including a Podcast on Monday, Podcast Summary on Wednesday, and Research Insight on Friday.

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Our Foundation

At Arete Coach, we embrace the spirit and intent of the ICF and IAC coaching masteries objectives, and we seek to promulgate executive coaching conversation, content, insights, podcasts, research, and training consistent with the highest aims of the coaching profession. We embrace the best of our past. We explore what coaching research and science tell us today. We seek to unpack industry best practices to determine if they truly are best. We keep the good, and jettison the bad, in a process of continual improvement. In our efforts, we remain open, in a state of curiosity and not knowing, and strive for deeper understanding, insight, and growth. Now in 2020, with the wisdom of hindsight and insights that guide our foresight, we press forward seeking arete and excellence in our craft.

We'd Love to Hear From You. 

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