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Examine economic trends and the outlook for Q2 2022 based on insightful data published by various Federal Reserve Banks. Key topics reviewed in this presentation and accompanied research include the global political economy, inflation, Federal Reserve Bank policy, economic impact of war, the impacts of inflation, green shoots of opportunity, economic headwinds, and recessions of times past. For business owners, CEOs, key executives, executive coaches, and executive peer group participants, this presentation and research duo will provide the information needed to weather today's economic challenges.


What's included:

  • 2 hour video presentation
  • 130+ page slide deck which explores 10 economic themes:
    • Inflation expectations, uncertainty, and Fed Reserve action
    • Ukraine/Russia war and geopolitical risk
    • Oil regimes and market pricing
    • Inflation
    • Wage inflation, qualified labor shortage, and labor power
    • Supply chain risk and mitigation
    • Accelerating modernity (AI and automation)
    • COVID-19 again (BA.2); earning to live with the virus
    • Bull and bear case for US Economy
    • Cryptocurrency vs Stablecoin vs Central Bank Digital Currency


About ePraxis

This publication was produced by the CEO of ePraxis, Arete Coach's umbrella company, and approved for placement on ePraxis is an executive search (otherwise known as executive recruiting or headhunting), talent selection, and transformational executive coaching firm that accelerates executive growth and business improvement. Focused on scientific methods, ePraxis brings leading research, methods, systems, tools, and algorithms into everyday business to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.


About the CEO of ePraxis

Severin Sorensen is a serial entrepreneur and lifetime learner with a passionate curiosity for people and businesses. Severin is the CEO of ePraxis LLC, a premier level retained search firm that provides executive headhunting, talent selection, and executive coaching. In addition to finding top talent, Severin has provided over 7,500+ hours of paid executive coaching to entrepreneurs, CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives. Severin is an ICF ACSTH Certified Executive Coach, Certified Organizational Development Coach, and Certified Life Coach. Severin is the founder/producer of the Arete Coach Podcast which explores the art and science of executive coaching with some of the industry's best coaches.


From 2010-2018 Severin was also a Vistage Chair where he coached three CEO and key executive groups. In 2011, Severin received the "Rookie of the Year Chair Award" from Vistage. Since 2013, Severin has added international speaking for Vistage, CEO conferences, executive peer groups, and corporations on the topic of identifying and hiring difference-making top talent.


After graduate school, Severin moved to Washington, DC, where he worked on security-related economic and public policy issues that included a brief stint in The White House, as a Special Assistant to the President, for George H. Bush (POTUS 41). In 1994, Severin founded Sparta Consulting Corp., and Sparta provided world-class physical security and safety related management consulting services for public and private sector entities. From 1994-2002, Severin managed HUD's Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design technical assistance and training program. In 2005, Severin sold Sparta to Westec Interactive (Digital Witness), which was subsequently acquired by Interface Security.


Severin, a native Californian, grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and graduated with honors from the University of Utah with Economics and Political Science degrees. He completed graduate studies in economics at King's College, Cambridge University (England), where he earned a M.Phil. degree in Economics. Severin has a great love and appreciation for sports, and while overseas, Severin rowed for the King's College Boat Club, and played basketball for the Cambridge University Basketball Team (1986-87).

Economic Outlook: Q2 2022

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