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A Year in Review: Celebrating the First Anniversary of the Arete Coach™ Podcast

Episode #1054: Join us as we celebrate the first anniversary of the Arete Coach™ Podcast. Severin Sorensen, curator and host of the podcast, reviews the reach of the show, the top ten episodes, powerful questions discussed, stories of life change, tools of executive coaching, and more as discussed throughout the show’s first year. Continue reading for a year’s worth of powerful discussion and insightful conversation, and a glimpse into what to expect in 2022.

About Severin Sorensen

Severin Sorensen is a serial entrepreneur and lifetime learner with a passionate curiosity for people and businesses. Severin is the CEO of ePraxis LLC, a premier level retained search firm that provides executive headhunting, talent selection, and executive coaching. In addition to finding top talent, Severin has provided over 7,500+ hours of paid executive coaching to entrepreneurs, CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives. Severin is an ICF ACSTH Certified Executive Coach, Certified Organizational Development Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Positive Intelligence® Coach. Severin is the founder/producer of a new podcast, Arete Coach, that explores the art and science of executive coaching with some of the industry's best coaches.

From 2010-2018 Severin was also a Vistage Chair where he coached three CEO and key executive groups. In 2011, Severin received the "Rookie of the Year Chair Award" from Vistage. Since 2013, Severin has added international speaking for Vistage, CEO conferences, executive peer groups, and corporations on the topic of identifying and hiring difference-making top talent.

After graduate school, Severin moved to Washington, DC, where he worked on security-related economic and public policy issues that included a brief stint in The White House, as a Special Assistant to the President, for George H. Bush (POTUS 41). In 1994, Severin founded Sparta Consulting Corp., and Sparta provided world-class physical security and safety related management consulting services for public and private sector entities. From 1994-2002, Severin managed HUD's Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design technical assistance and training program. In 2005, Severin sold Sparta to Westec Interactive (Digital Witness), which was subsequently acquired by Interface Security.

Severin, a native Californian, grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and graduated with honors from the University of Utah with Economics and Political Science degrees. He completed graduate studies in economics at King's College, Cambridge University (England), where he earned a M.Phil. degree in Economics. Severin has a great love and appreciation for sports, and while overseas, Severin rowed for the King's College Boat Club, and played basketball for the Cambridge University Basketball Team (1986-87).

Key highlights

Celebrating the life of Richard Bosworth

Timestamp 00:46

Severin shares the life and legacy of Richard Bosworth, the first guest of the Arete Coach Podcast. Richard was a “delightful, insightful, sage, witty, and inspiring” individual who impacted the lives of those around him greatly. Unfortunately, four months after his interview on the Arete Coach Podcast, Richard passed away from a heart complication in August 2020. Richard was a dear friend of Severin and the Arete Coach community. His interview was a powerful, insightful, and impactful lead to what has become a “strong line up of great coaches and coaching topics.”

The Arete Coach™ community

Timestamp 03:43

The Arete Coach Podcast has hosted guests from all over the world. Guests of the podcast have originated from the United States, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, and Spain. In 2022, the podcast will expand its global perspective with guests from India, Mexico, Romania, Switzerland, and Thailand. Guests of the podcast are not only diverse in geography, but also in their coaching programs.

Within the first 12 months of the Arete Coach Podcast, over 51,000 episodes were downloaded. By 13 months, the Arete Coach Podcast reached the 3rd highest ranked podcast globally on Google for the search term “Executive Coach Podcast.” ListenNotes has also placed the Arete Coach Podcast in the top 0.5% percent of podcasts.

With listeners from the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Spain, Luxembourg, and China, the Arete Coach community has become a global and culturally diverse community of idea sharing and discussion.

The top 10 podcasts

Timestamp 06:20

Severin shares the top ten most popular podcast of the year:

  1. Episode 1007 Steve Ramerini: Prosperity and Charity as Motivation

  2. Episode 1037 Conor Neill: Powerful Stories Stimulate Action

  3. Episode 1001 Richard Bosworth: Asking ‘what if?’

  4. Episode 1034 Don Myers: Power of Referrals

  5. Episode 1002 Ozzie Gontang: Asking with Listening and Skill

  6. Episode 1036 Janet Fogarty: WAIT = Why Am I Talking?

  7. Episode 1009 Larry Cassidy: From Commanding to Coaching

  8. Episode 1035 Steve Leach: Using Metaphors in Coaching

  9. Episode 1027 Sally Rhoads: Covid19 Mental Health Crisis and Coaching Considerations

  10. Episode 1033: The Future of Work after COVID-19

Powerful questions

Timestamp 10:24

Severin reviews powerful questions discussed in previous podcast episodes from Ozzie Gontang, Bill Clark, Glenn Waring, Larry Cassidy, and Jeannette Hobson.

Thoughts on COVID-19

Timestamp 12:11

Throughout the pandemic, the Arete Coach Podcast fostered collaboration and discussion on how to best manage its affects on life and business as we know it. The Arete Coach Podcast and insights have covered everything from digital nomadism, remote working, case studies, current data and research, real estate, mental health, and a variety of other related topics.

Stories of life change

Timestamp 14:17

During the first year of the Arete Coach Podcast, many guests shared stories of how executive coaching has impacted the lives of others. Severin reviews these stories from Episode #1034 with Don Meyer, Episode #1019 with Phil Holberton, Episode #1011 with Barry Goldberg, Episode #1038 with Allen Hauge, and Episode #1022 with Mark Taylor.

The heart of executive coaching

Timestamp 15:53

The heart of an executive coach is the “desire to help others and make the world a better place. One executive, one CEO, one peer group, one business at a time.” Severin reviews several quotes and stories from previous episodes that display the heart behind executive coaching.

The tools of an executive coach

Timestamp 17:09

The tools that executive coaches use is a popular topic of discussion on the Arete Coach Podcast. In this section of the podcast, Severin reviews some of the popular coaching tools that past podcast guests have shared with the audience.

What to expect in 2022

Timestamp 18:25

What should listeners of the Arete Coach Podcast expect in 2022? They should expect more. More insights, collaboration, coaching tools, data, research, deep dives into the science of executive coaching, inspiring quotes, and ideas. Listeners should also expect to find a place where every week they are “introduced to wonderful people, committed to serving and helping others, enjoying the pressing forward of this work, we call executive coaching. Listeners of the Arete Coach Podcast can expect excellence, the ‘core essence of the word Arete.’”

Download the transcript

Click here to listen to the podcast, or click below to view the podcast outline and transcript:

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