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Being a “Lighthouse of Possibility” & The Power of “What Is”

Episode #1073: In this episode of the Arete Coach Podcast, Danny Creed, an Executive Development Coach, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Coach Recruiting Expert, and Musician, discusses his path to executive coaching as well as his experience and learnings as an entrepreneur, musician, and coach. Danny shares insight from his book, A Life Best Lived, and shares the value of focusing on “what is” instead of “what if.” Continue reading for a new perspective on how coaching can serve as a “lighthouse of possibility.”

About Danny Creed

Danny Creed is an Executive Development Coach, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Coach Recruiting Expert, and Musician. Danny has been with FocalPoint Business Coaching 15 years. After starting with FocalPoint as a Keynote Speaker in 2007, Danny started business coaching for musicians and performing arts professionals in 2008. That same year, he also started coaching and consulting executives. Today, Danny continues coaching executives and musicians while also volunteering as a mentor and coach for Brothers in Blue. He also is a volunteer and mentor for Junior Achievement of Arizona.

Among Danny’s many achievements, he has been named a best-selling author with his books Straight Talk…Thriving in Business, Champions Never Make Cold Calls, Bootstrap Business, A Life Best Lived, The Successful Mind, and The Successful Spirit. He is also 6-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence, 2010 FocalPoint International Coaching Practice of the Year, and 2019 FocalPoint Coaching and Training International Coaching Practice of the Year.

As Danny coaches his clients, he seeks to be a “lighthouse of possibility,” showing them the power of focusing on “what is” instead of being held back by “what if.”

Key highlights

Moving from “what if” to “what is?”

Timestamp 10:10

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Danny shares that 100% of his clients experienced growth in their businesses. Danny explains that in his coaching, he led his clients to focus on the “what is” instead of the “what ifs.” Danny shares that he sat down with each client and said “I acknowledge that terrible things are happening… I’m not leaving today until we come up with two possibilities that this will offer us.” He explains that in history, millionaires are made during difficult times because they asked, “what’s the potential here?” In helping his clients see the possibilities for their companies instead of focusing on the negative “what ifs,” Danny was able to help them grow their businesses despite the challenging times.

A recipe for success and a strong foundation

Timestamp 17:44

Danny shares that one of the greatest things he has ever learned was the recipe for success. He explains that there are about 14 ingredients that focus on the foundations of business like “priority management, time management, goal setting, clarity of business, sales” and other topics. In his coaching, Danny works with each client to identify their input on each ingredient included in the recipe for success. He explains that “we usually find the biggest opportunities by really looking at foundation first.”

Being a “lighthouse of possibility”

Timestamp 26:47

When asked what he has recently learned, Danny shares that there are two types of mindsets: the survival and the possibility mindset. In his coaching, Danny Creed seeks to be a “lighthouse of possibility” and help his clients transition from a survival mindset to a possibility mindset. He shares that executive coaches, “have to be that one lighthouse that gives people hope.”

Listen to the music

Timestamp 34:04

When discussing his role as a musician, Danny shares that being a musician has helped him become a better listener. He explains that when executive coaches listen, “clients will tell you what to do for them” and “prospects will tell you how to sell them.” Danny also recommends asking questions. He states that “active listening is more about asking a question… just stop talking, and listen.”

Allow yourself to dream

Timestamp 42:56

Danny shares a question that he was taught by a mentor, Brian Tracy: “If you could dream as big as you possibly could dream, how big would you allow yourself to dream?” He shares that previously in life, his mindset was “I’m a farm boy. I’m not supposed to be successful. This is my life.” However, when he allowed himself to dream and overcome the limitations he placed on himself, he developed into the great coach he is today. Danny uses this question and this mindset in his coaching today, to help business leaders and executives dream big and achieve even bigger dreams.

Download the transcript

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