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Coaching the Modern Day Millennial

Episode #1012: Delve into the millennial mindset, mental fitness, saboteurs, and changing the way we see failure with Lisha Davidovits, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC) who helps high-achieving millennials in the San Francisco Bay Area break out of their comfort zone.

About Lisha Davidovits

Lisha Davidovits is a success coach with credentials as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC), who helps high-achieving millennials in the San Francisco Bay Area break out of their comfort zone. With a focus on mental fitness, holistic care, engagement and patience, Lisha aims to help people “thrive with peak performance and happier lives.” She embraces the feeling of genuine curiosity and active listening as she coaches her clients to success.

Watch the podcast

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Key highlights

Finding a passion for coaching

Timestamp 02:24

Lisha Davidovits found her passion for success coaching after her career at Dale Carnegie and experience as a stay-at-home mother. She found her passion for coaching after helping a friend analyze a difficult decision they had to make. In that moment, she asked questions with sincere curiosity and helped her friend work through their situation. After the conversation, Lisha felt that “spark” she was searching for. From that point on, she was dedicated to “doing it right,” getting the training she needed, and becoming an excellent coach.

Learning the millennial

Timestamp 08:57

To gain a better understanding of the millennial generation, Lisha dove into research and initiated conversations with millennials themselves. She sought to understand their “pain points," “obstacles,” values, and sense of identity as a whole. In her practice and research, Lisha has found that millennials are accustomed to speed and instant gratification. In fact, many times in her practice, she has to remind clients to be patient and realistic when slowly working towards their goals. She has also found that millennials have an intense high-achiever's drive, and desire mission-based work and recognition for what they bring to the table. Lisha helps embrace their real goals by releasing some of the pressure they place on themselves.

The Co-Active Training Institute

Timestamp 13:49

In Lisha's desire to attend the best school and achieve the best training for her career in executive coaching, she chose to attend CTI: the Co-Active Training Institute. She spent over two-hundred hours on coursework and training in her pursuits to be a coach. In her training, she experienced group critique and direct developmental feedback, while learning the art of fulfillment—in other words, helping people hone into perspective, physicality, and what really matters.

Mental strength

Timestamp 19:29

With her certification in positive intelligence (PQ) coaching, Lisha has been able to focus on developing her clients’ mental strength. She walks through their processing and goal discovering with the intent to strengthen them mentally, just as a physical fitness instructor would. Lisha believes that this is essential to positive intelligence and pushes her clients towards greater goal achievement. She shares a story of how a client of hers revealed that because of the mental fortitude he had built, he was able to make effective decisions that would in turn help him achieve his goals.

Learning through failures

Timestamp 23:50

When asked if there was anything Lisha wished she knew before her first day as a coach, she instead chose to embrace her own learning process. In the face of challenge, Lisha chose to learn through her mistakes and failures. She states that this is evidence of her growth as a high achiever. She has turned her most challenging moments into periods of self-reflection and growth through compassion and seeing all “challenges in life as being gifts or opportunities.” Lisha is grateful for her journey as a coach so far, and is looking forward to deepening her impact on others.

A passion for helping others

Timestamp 27:55

Lisha’s “why” or the driving force behind her work is a passion for helping others, listening to their stories, and learning more about different types of people. She shares a story of how this has been her “authentic” self from a young age. Lisha also shares her ability to make a safe space for people. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed learning from others and listening to their stories. Her passion for listening and helping has been put to full use in her successful coaching career.

The due diligence of coaches

Timestamp 37:43

In Lisha’s own experience, she has noticed a large number of new coaches joining the industry and an increase in usage of technology in the coaching practice. She states that it is important for coaches to do their “due diligence” and get quality training to provide the best care possible for their clients. Lisha has also noticed many companies investing in the wellbeing of their employees. She correlates this with the constant pushing towards goals and higher rate of burnout millennials experience. Lisha believes that stronger executives will be made from the turn toward mental wellbeing.

Playing big

Timestamp 41:40

Lisha states that she will measure her life by her ability to help as many people as she can and “not playing small, by playing big and by really going with fierce courage” into her full potential. Lisha values taking risks and living outside her comfort zone as it's how she learns about new ways she can impact others. With her focus on mental strength, she has learned to be “perfectly imperfect,” refuses to “shy away from opportunities,” and has developed endurance as well as an appreciation for failure. Because of this, she continually enters new avenues of impact, learns new things, and grows towards the person she wants to be in her own life.

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