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Does the world really need another coaching podcast?

Our answer? Yes. Today, on LinkedIn over 84,000+ individuals identify themselves as an "executive coach." If we apply the Pareto principle (e.g. the 80:20 rule), likely 20% representing some 16,000 executive coaches are making a good living as a coach, and of these perhaps 3,000 to 4,200 are thriving reflecting the top 5% of the executive coaching industry. What makes the top coaches great? Is it their certification? Wisdom? Know-how? Or is it something else? Most coaching schools tell you what to do, and few tell you how to get there. Arete Coach provides insightful content, context, and conversations and we invite you to learn and grow with us. Our aim is excellence, and if that sounds like we are in alignment, then please join our growing community.

About the Arete Coach Podcast

The Arete Coach podcast is for executive coaches and those considering a coaching path. In each episode of the Arete Coach podcast, we dive into questioning with established coaches from a broad diversity of niches, focuses, perspectives, continents, and coaching schools to explore their background, practices, and methodologies. In addition to high-performing executive coaches, we interview with behavioral and neurological scientists to develop a further understanding of human behavior and leadership sciences. By blending art and science, the Arete Coach podcast is a catalyst for simplifying, clarifying, and exploring the process and delivery of difference-making executive coaching. One of the aims of Arete Coach and its podcast is to support coaches in achieving their full potentials by widening the understanding of the core competencies, delivery, and method of executive coaching today.

Our Podcast Host

Severin Sorensen, CEO, Arete Coach LLC, is the curator and host of the Arete Coach Podcast where he explores the art and science of executive coaching today. In his coaching career, Severin has provided over 7,500+ hours of paid CEO and executive coaching sessions. Severin's early executive coach training was obtained at Vistage, where after completing their coaching foundations courses, and in-service training, he served as a Vistage Chair (2010-2018) of multiple high-performing Chief Executive and Key Executive Peer Groups. While at Vistage Severin was an awardee of the Rookie Chair of the Year Chair Award, and he appointed a Vistage Mentor Chair to new coaches in training, Severin continues to connect with the Vistage community where he is a Vistage Speaker to approximately 60 CEO and key executive groups per year. In terms of certifications in the coaching industry, Severin holds the IAC Masteries Practitioner designation and he has 800+ hours of ICF/ACSTH and other advanced training in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, EOS, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Positive Intelligence (PQ) training. Suffice it to say, Severin is a ‘lifetime learner’ with keen curiosity about coaches and coaching.

The inspiration

“One of my executive coaching heroes was a sage lifetime learner named Pat Hyndman. He coached well into his 90s, adding wisdom, value, and powerful questioning until his last day. In thinking of my encounters with Pat, the one thing I wish I had started sooner was recording at least one conversation for reference later. This one thought is why the Arete Coach podcast exists; to serve as a chronology that explores best practices as described by executive coaches and their experiences, as well as scientists and their research” says Severin Sorensen, CEO of Arete Coach.

If you’re interested in learning more about Arete Coach or joining an episode of the podcast, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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