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“To Listen and to Understand Deeply”: Insights on The Great Resignation & Labor Market

Episode #1066: Dive into the Great Resignation, the importance of listening and staying “green and growing,” and the process of becoming a Master Certified Coach, with Rodica Obancea, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC), Mentor Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Leadership Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur.

About Rodica Obancea

Rodica Obancea is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC), Mentor Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Leadership Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur from Bucharest, Romania. Before entering the executive coaching industry, she was a Professor of Management at the CEFORA Business School and an H.R. Manager at a retail company.

Rodica started her own coaching practice in 2008 and served as Vice President of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in Romania a few years later. She was Vice President for 2 years before becoming the Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect for GreatHRs Community, an innovative projects platform with a mission to transform the Romanian labor market. In 2015, Rodica founded Liderologia and serves as their Senior Executive Coach today. More recently in 2020, Rodica founded Viitorul Meu, a support system that provides services designed to help candidates and employees set goals, maintain relevance in the employment market, and stay connected with opportunities.

Rodica has a passion for creating the space needed to host meaningful conversations and implementing small changes that can produce incremental results.

Key highlights

Leading in the global village

Timestamp 02:12

Rodica shares that, similar to the United States and other countries, the Great Resignation is a trend in Romania that business leaders are concerned with. She believes employees are “looking to be fulfilled as workers, as contributors in the labor market.” She also shares that digital nomadism is an increasing trend as well. Rodica believes that in this development, there might be a “lesson” in the importance of being “more flexible” and “accept diversity also in the form of the collaboration” because businesses are part of a “global village.” She states that it is her “perception that we need to learn to work on a global scale” that is not defined by geography.

Communication, peace, and listening

Timestamp 07:26

In response to Rodica’s perspective on the Great Resignation, Severin shares that “communication is something that helps peace” and that this is an opportunity to facilitate collaboration between individuals regardless of geography. Rodica adds that her role as a coach is to be “able to listen and to understand deeply” and that coaching is not about communication alone but also “listening and making space for other ideas.”

Joy in the journey

Timestamp 15:58

When asked about the more joyful part of working towards her MCC, Rodica shares that she greatly enjoyed challenging her own limits. She shares that as she developed her coaching skills, she had to challenge herself and open up to the potential for mistakes and new learning. Severin in response shares his own journey through training and experience as an executive coach. He explains that in his journey, he has found his “swim lanes” or areas of expertise, and that the journey of an executive coach who is learning and growing is a “rich time.”

Seasons of change

Timestamp 31:56

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodica has noticed several changes in her team coaching. First, her team coaching has transitioned to remote settings. The second change is the increased focus on “reset.” She explains that her clients are often “pushing the reset button and rethinking the way they work as a team or redesigning the system in order to accommodate the environment they are in.” Lastly, there is an increased concern of how employers will retain their employees and how those looking for new jobs will develop their skill sets.

Allowing yourself the experience

Timestamp 42:05

For those interested in executive coaching, Rodica advises that they “allow [themselves] to experience” the marketplace “as much as it’s possible.” She recommends exploring and seeing “what’s there for you.” She explains that she gives herself the same advice when she sees a new opportunity stating, “I allow myself to experience it, to do it. It’s not for a lifetime. It doesn’t work, that’s fine, I will close it and move to something different, to something else.” When discussing her learnings from failure, she shares that after two years of working on a project, she realized it was not going to work. She learned that in stopping the wasting of resources, she felt a great relief. Severin shares a story of his own entrepreneurial experience and states the importance of “failing fast, failing cheap, and failing forward.”

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