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Top 2023 Articles with the Highest Organic Engagement for Executive Coaches and Business Leaders

As we close the chapter on 2023, a year that has been transformative for executive coaches and business leaders alike, it's important to reflect on the insights and lessons that have resonated the most within our community. In this comprehensive wrap-up, we delve into a curated selection of articles published throughout the year. These pieces not only captured the attention of our audience but also garnered the most organic engagement, indicating their profound impact and relevance. From innovative leadership strategies to breakthrough coaching techniques, each article reflects the evolving landscape of executive coaching and business leadership in a world that's constantly changing.

  1. 15 Insights To Consider in 2023 — Keeping abreast of the latest research and trends is essential for staying ahead in the industry. Here are 15 of the most highly regarded insight articles published on since its inception in 2020 which delve into a range of topics—from the latest advancements in coaching techniques to emerging trends in business management.

  2. Exploring the OSCAR Model: A Valuable Resource for Executive Coaches — Coaching models enhance executive coaches' adaptability and ability to help diverse clients overcome various challenges. The OSCAR coaching model, derived from the GROW model by Whittleworth and Gilbert, is one such tool. Here, we analyze its key components and offer questions for use in coaching sessions.

  3. Research Review: Can AI (like ChatGPT) Replace Human Coaches? — Can AI replace human executive coaches? Continue reading for insights from a recent article by Dr. Jonathan Passmore and David Tee on the benefits and drawbacks of AI in coaching. Included are key insights and questions for discussion.

  4. Energy and Fatigue: Their Differences & How Coaches Can Address Them — In a research paper published by the US Department of Health and Human Services in 2019, researchers hypothesized that energy and fatigue are two unipolar states of being that should not be measured on the same scale. In this article, we examine how executive coaches can apply this new perspective in their coaching practice today.

  5. Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs With The “And” Exercise — Sometimes, we discover that our client’s negative and limiting beliefs are what’s holding them back from achieving their full potential. In this article, we examine limiting beliefs, the negative consequences of limiting beliefs, and exercises to overcome them.

  6. Exploring the Reasons Behind the Surge in Mass Layoffs in 2023 — At the beginning of 2023, more than 126,000 employees were laid off by 468 companies. Notable companies among them are Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Spotify, Google, DOW Inc, the Washington Post, and others. What were the underlying reasons behind this surge in mass layoffs? In this article, we delve into some of the driving factors.

  7. 10 Most Popular Executive Coaching Articles of 2023 — This article identifies the 10 most popular pieces published on, each of which delves into both the psychological and practical dimensions of coaching practice, exploring themes from innovative strategies like integrating AI into coaching, to insightful analyses of the gig economy, and uplifting stories designed to motivate teams.

  8. 10 Key Metrics (and 2 Bonus Ratios) for Business Success and Their Hidden Benefits — Monitoring a company's health is crucial for executive coaches. While every business has unique objectives and traits, some ratios are essential to track for financial performance insights. Discover how monitoring these ratios can enhance profitability and efficiency in our latest article.

  9. 10 Inspiring Stories To Motivate Team Success — The stories we tell are powerful metaphors for life, offering valuable lessons, principles, and perspectives. Explore 10 inspiring stories business executives can share to motivate teams to peak success.

  10. The Secrets of Extraordinary Leadership: 10 Critical Characteristics and Their Telltale Signs — Executive coaches serve as catalysts in unlocking the true potential of leaders. To truly make an impact, coaches must possess an understanding of the characteristics that distinguish strong leadership. In this article, we explore exceptional leadership, uncovering ten characteristics that define great leaders and the signs that accompany them.

  11. Mastering Leadership: 86 Episodes Featuring TEC-Vistage Chairs for Executive Coaches and Leaders — In today's rapidly changing business landscape, executive coaches and business leaders constantly seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills. Here is a curated list of 86 exceptional episodes from the Arete Coach Podcast that feature TEC-Vistage Chairs and provide unique lessons specifically tailored to executive coaches and business leaders looking to fuel their growth and success.

  12. Unlocking Excellence: 7 Game-Changing Plugins for ChatGPT — ChatGPT's plugins are here to elevate your coaching practice to new heights. In this article, we explore seven lesser-known plugins that have the potential to propel your performance, turbocharge your productivity, and welcome a new era of efficiency.

  13. AI Implementation Made Simple: Your Comprehensive Guide to Success for the Non-Technical User — As Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently stated, AI's impact on humanity could be "more profound than fire or electricity." The potential benefits of AI are immense, yet its understanding and application remain limited. Gain actionable steps for learning about AI and integrating it into your business by clicking below.

  14. "From Startups to Apple: A Journey of Innovation and Customer Delight" — Tune into a conversation with Dr. Philippe Bouissou, a Silicon Valley icon with roles spanning from author to CEO. We discuss his book "Aligning the Dots,” insights from evaluating 2.3K startups, lessons from Steve Jobs, and the essence of team synergy, all enriched by his academic background in nonlinear physics and chaos theory.

  15. Ask and Inspire: 8 Questions that Foster Curiosity and Growth — As we move into an era characterized by rapid changes and evolving challenges, the skill of posing thought-provoking questions remains crucial for the ambitious and curious. This article explores eight questions designed to challenge assumptions, encourage reflection, and ignite innovation.

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